Posted on March 2, 2017

The Daily Prompt: Doubt – Looking For The Truth

The Daily Prompt



verb \ˈdau̇t\

Doubt can be a strong word. In essence, Merriam-Webster states that “doubt” is a verb, which indicates action; in this case to “call into question the truth of; to be uncertain or in doubt about”, or in another view to “lack confidence in”, as in distrust, or to “consider unlikely” as in “I doubt if I can go”.

Either way, when there is doubt, there is uncertainty. When one has uncertainty, there is a mental, emotional, or psychological push to find the truth of the issue which is “at doubt”. Sometimes, I have doubt about the credibility of my memories. For example, if I think about yesterday, I can almost guarantee a clear remembrance of what happened. When someone asks about twenty years ago–or even, for that matter–last year, I cannot conclude that I remember events as clearly as someone who (dare I say) is much younger than me. On other things such as how I feel about an issue, my mind is clear and there is no doubt at all. If someone wants to look at evidence of how I feel, one can look at past events and what I have said or done to verify these actions match what I say I stand for and what I believe. Most of the time, the doubt can be removed. In other words, sometimes all you have when attempting to remove doubt from someone is what you say and what you do. I must continue to remember this, and guide my actions and words according to what I believe. As Irene Dunne quoted, “If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.” “Nuff said.

Linda Jones

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