Posted on April 14, 2016

The Daily Prompt: The Suitcase

The Daily Prompt

It was just a suitcase. But what it held told a story….


It was just a suitcase.  Nothing really, without seeing the contents inside.  Open the suitcase and the contents can show you a story.  Imagine seeing a framed photograph, a rolled up pair of socks, some neatly folded underwear, a journal safely tucked away in one of the pockets, and two pairs of pants, rolled up and stacked side by side.  Along with those, there are two tops–each as different from each other as could be.  One, a comfortable blue jean shirt with ragged edges, and the second, a beautiful teal blouse. Looking further, one can find the essentials…the makeup bag and hair dryer, toothbrush and toothpaste, and other essentials.  Finally, the note.  Once the note is read, the contents of this rather plain suitcase are connected.  First, the photograph shows a mother and her children, all smiling at the camera.  Second, the clothes show one outfit for a night out, and third, the note with the words “be ready to spend a night out with your daughters, Mom!” underlined.  Just imagine how much fun that mother had!  OH–and by the way, THIS mother had a wonderful time!  Thank you, dear daughters! (And it’s your turn next time, dear son!)


Love and blessings,

Linda (Jones Group)


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