Posted on April 22, 2016

Just Another Day?

My Daily Bread

Just another day…but every “just another day” is another wonderful day.  A day we have been given that has more possibilities than we can imagine, and the greatest thing is that most of the endless possibilities I can think of happening in this day have nothing to do with spending money.  It’s really not just another day.  It’s another mark off of our bucket list, it’s a call to a dear friend, or time spent with our pets–or family, or even some yard work if the weather cooperates.  If not, then we can enjoy the rain as it falls down on grass and yards reaching for the water, and jump up and down in the puddles if we so choose.  If we can….

There are those days when even I cannot move enough to wash a dish, or answer the phone, or even brush my hair.  Usually it’s because I can get headaches that drill me like a jackhammer, and nothing seems to help–except to close my eyes until the pain subsides.  Even then, however, I am grateful for the opportunity to go through the experience, because the alternative is–what? Feeling miserable and blaming others just because my body has a medical problem?  Doesn’t help the problem now, does it?  I know the Lord will see me through, as He always has since the day I was born.

These are the times when, besides the grace God has given me, I can be so very thankful for the family and friends I have who reach out to make sure I am okay.   They don’t expect me to be indiscriminately happy on days when my face shows that pain is going on, and I know I can just be myself that day.  Just myself, wrinkle rags, war wounds, and all.  And that’s not just another day.  It’s a praise-filled, gratitude-ridden, sometimes painfully so, yet I am here alive to experience it.  Thank you Lord, and thank you, dear readers.

Have a blessed day.


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