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Posted on March 2, 2017

Tutorial: BFF’s

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No Scraps – BFF’s

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This great tutorial was quick and easy, and I so enjoyed doing it! One of the best things about tutorial is that there are no scraps involved, so you need very little to do it. What you will need is the font GE Offshore Caps, which you can find here.  The toadies filter can be downloaded here  The link for my tutorial is listed both below the tag and underneath this paragraph.  Please feel free to post your results below.  I’m looking forward to seeing your creations, and above all, have fun!  (click on this link to go directly to the tutorial page and leave my site)

Posted on March 2, 2017

The Daily Prompt: Doubt – Looking For The Truth

The Daily Prompt



verb \ˈdau̇t\

Doubt can be a strong word. In essence, Merriam-Webster states that “doubt” is a verb, which indicates action; in this case to “call into question the truth of; to be uncertain or in doubt about”, or in another view to “lack confidence in”, as in distrust, or to “consider unlikely” as in “I doubt if I can go”.

Either way, when there is doubt, there is uncertainty. When one has uncertainty, there is a mental, emotional, or psychological push to find the truth of the issue which is “at doubt”. Sometimes, I have doubt about the credibility of my memories. For example, if I think about yesterday, I can almost guarantee a clear remembrance of what happened. When someone asks about twenty years ago–or even, for that matter–last year, I cannot conclude that I remember events as clearly as someone who (dare I say) is much younger than me. On other things such as how I feel about an issue, my mind is clear and there is no doubt at all. If someone wants to look at evidence of how I feel, one can look at past events and what I have said or done to verify these actions match what I say I stand for and what I believe. Most of the time, the doubt can be removed. In other words, sometimes all you have when attempting to remove doubt from someone is what you say and what you do. I must continue to remember this, and guide my actions and words according to what I believe. As Irene Dunne quoted, “If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.” “Nuff said.

Linda Jones

Posted on May 22, 2016

Good to remember…

My Daily Bread/ Passing It On

Sometimes we get so caught up in things — good and bad — that we forget to enjoy what we’re doing. Remember to breathe. If deadlines start to overwhelm or you wonder how you’ll get it all done, remember to breathe. If you find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of excitement, or despair, remember […]

via Remember to Breathe — Live to Write – Write to Live

I read this and couldn’t get it out of my head, so I wanted to share it with you readers in the hopes that it will help you as a reminder as it helped to remind me that it is okay to take a breather. Step back and just “be”.

Posted on May 21, 2016

Pray More…

My Daily Bread

shutterstock_12539920Yesterday morning I woke up to a quiet house; our little granddaughter we had been watching was being taken care of by one of our daughters while I went to the doctor with my husband.  As I contemplated what lie ahead of me, my eyes drifted to the pile of clothes littered over the top of the dryer.  They were clean, which was a good thing, but unsorted and some of them were a bit more than slightly wrinkled.  Nevertheless, my time with my husband and granddaughter was well worth the mess I left behind while we all spent time together.

I will back up to a few days beforehand…I was still suffering form pleurisy from months before when I had pneumonia, and usually didn’t eat too much for lunch at work.  Simply because it didn’t appeal to me, and usually I was in some pain and the only thing I could think of was sitting in my car and closing my eyes…listening to my favorite Christian radio station.  On this particular day, though, I had a craving for some sub sandwiches, and ordered a two sub special…one with tuna and another with chicken.  As I sat in the car eating my tuna sandwich, I briefly read my meditation for the day.  After I was done with my first sandwich, I decided to have a bite or two of the chicken sandwich.  Before I knew it, I could feel something sticking in my throat., and no matter how much I tried to cough the blockage up, nothing was working.  I began to realize that I was in serious trouble, and stumbled out of the car into the parking lot.  As I was staggering towards our cart pusher, clawing at my throat, I kept trying to keep myself calm, and tried my inhaler to no avail.  There was nowhere for the solution to go.  I waved my arms and Kalvin, bless his heart, called a code “White” (which meant person in distress).  I remember some people being there, friends from work, trying to calm me down….I can remember that I kept trying to point to my throat and say something, but nothing came out.  When the paramedics came, I somehow was able to indicate to them that I had a blockage in my throat, and then I received my first (and hopefully only) Heimlich maneuver.  It worked quickly, and even though my memory of the rest of the evening was foggy, I was told that there were people who thought I was dead or near death, since my lips were so blue and I was quickly turning blue as well.  I am so thankful for all the people who were there…they were all part of my staying alive…and I know the good Lord was there too.  Had He not been there, I don’t think I would be HERE today….which brings me to why I had to go back to the clinic to be seen.  I had an x-ray that showed something new on my lungs when I came in the first day from the choking episode, and then, two days later, the x-ray showed even more fluid, and the doctor diagnosed me as having pneumonia..once again.   Along with the rib fracture from the Heimlich experience and the pleurisy I was still feeling, the pneumonia seemed like the final straw…the one that God got my attention on-which said, “Take care of yourself, and get better  Your job is not worth  killing yourself for.”  This, for me, was the ultimate realization that I needed to give myself the time to heal before I jumped into my job duties again–no matter how much I enjoyed being a Customer Service Manager and working with the customers and my cashiers, as well as the greeters and all of the other associates.  The bottom line was that if I didn’t get better, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything at all, since I might not make it through something like that next time.  Which brings me to my state of mind on this particular day.

Today, as I was looking through the pile of clothes, my eyes spotted a new one.  One I’d only worn once before.  The t-shirt was a beautiful bright coral, and the reading was simple.  It said,

“Pray more, worry less.” – Philippians 4:6.

It was something I needed to be reminded about, and what a wonderful reminder it’s been for me.  Today and everyday, I want to pray more and worry less.  As I am so often told, it’s easier to “keep it simple and let God take the wheel”.  Well, the good Lord has been driving for many years, and I am alive and thankful for all of the detours He took in order for me to end up about being grateful for what I have, and not worrying about what I don’t or what will happen.  I can plan but not project, and leave the driving to the one and only expert…God.  After all, I am still here, aren’t I?


Posted on April 24, 2016

The Daily Prompt : Borrowed

The Daily Prompt


borrowed mascaraI hang onto it because she gave it to me…to hang onto an old beat-up mascara because my mother gave it to me sounds insane.  I didn’t even realize what it meant to me until someone suggested I throw  that old’ thing away.

The thought stopped me.  When I decided I couldn’t and the reasons why it made perfect sense…She gave it to me–a mascara she used.


This was given to me–framed– by one of my daughters several years ago, and I treasure it as much now as I did then.  It seems appropriate,  considering that Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  It reminds me of how many things my mother gave to me and I was able to summon up the day she gave it to me.  Funny how things can conjure up a smell, a memory a feeling…it can overwhelm us with a warm inner glow, or–depending on what it is…a sad, nostalgic reminiscing of days gone by.  Those little things that we borrow others–sometimes without even realizing it–can mean so very much to someone else.  So borrow, borrow, borrow away!




Posted on April 22, 2016

Just Another Day?

My Daily Bread

Just another day…but every “just another day” is another wonderful day.  A day we have been given that has more possibilities than we can imagine, and the greatest thing is that most of the endless possibilities I can think of happening in this day have nothing to do with spending money.  It’s really not just another day.  It’s another mark off of our bucket list, it’s a call to a dear friend, or time spent with our pets–or family, or even some yard work if the weather cooperates.  If not, then we can enjoy the rain as it falls down on grass and yards reaching for the water, and jump up and down in the puddles if we so choose.  If we can….

There are those days when even I cannot move enough to wash a dish, or answer the phone, or even brush my hair.  Usually it’s because I can get headaches that drill me like a jackhammer, and nothing seems to help–except to close my eyes until the pain subsides.  Even then, however, I am grateful for the opportunity to go through the experience, because the alternative is–what? Feeling miserable and blaming others just because my body has a medical problem?  Doesn’t help the problem now, does it?  I know the Lord will see me through, as He always has since the day I was born.

These are the times when, besides the grace God has given me, I can be so very thankful for the family and friends I have who reach out to make sure I am okay.   They don’t expect me to be indiscriminately happy on days when my face shows that pain is going on, and I know I can just be myself that day.  Just myself, wrinkle rags, war wounds, and all.  And that’s not just another day.  It’s a praise-filled, gratitude-ridden, sometimes painfully so, yet I am here alive to experience it.  Thank you Lord, and thank you, dear readers.

Have a blessed day.


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